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Use your copy of I’d Rather Be in the Studio and the documents below to help you plan your self-promotion routines.


The Principles of No-Excuse Self-Promotion poster (8.5×11″) is designed to print out and
display where it can motivate you every day. 1 page.


The Promotional Plan puts everything together for you in a guide for your goals, tasks,
and deadlines. 4 pages. (Word version)

The Presentation Organizer is a form to help you organize your speaking and teaching
engagements. 2 pages. (Word version)

The Marketing Materials Planner guides you during the production of your marketing
materials. 2 pages. (Word version)

Prepare for interviews or writing articles about yourself with Ten Questions for Your
Self-Interview. 1 page.

The Marketing Routine Cheat Sheet will remind you of the tasks you should be doing
consistently to promote your art. 2 pages.

Worksheets & Forms

Get the Newsletter Worksheet for following through with your promise to deliver a
newsletter to subscribers. 1 page. (Word version)

Follow up on your leads with the Hot Prospects! Form. 1 page. (Word version)


Professor Sandra Reed of the Svannah College of Art and Design was nice enough to share her syllabus for using IRBITS in her MFA course on self-promotion. Download it here.

Get The Book Now - IRBITS

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