Ecstatic Encounters: Lesson 5

I hope you embrace the important message in video #5 in my series
to help you create more ecstatic encounters for your art.

Bottom line: Seeing art in person is far preferable than looking at it online.

You have to get your art out of the studio, off the screen, and in front of people.

Lesson 5: Exhibit Your Art

Rather Listen?

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The transcript of everything is coming up after Lesson 6.


Today’s assignment is a challenge.

The challenge is to book 1 new LIVE venue for exhibiting your art
within one month of watching this video.

When you do, please go to my Facebook page and leave a note telling
the world where and when your exhibition is. We want to know.

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Thanks for watching.

I’ll send you the final lesson in one week. You know – give you a little
time to think about #1-5.

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