Ecstatic Encounters: Lesson 4

Get out your writing tools!
It’s time for video #4 in my series to help you create more ecstatic encounters for your art.

What’s your weapon of choice? Pen and paper? Your computer? Voice recorder?

It makes no difference.

Quick advice for every aspect of your art business:
Don’t look for the perfect tools to work their magic.

Tools are just tools. And looking for perfect tools is a perfect form of procrastination.

Do what feels right or what is easy. Scraps of paper will do just fine.
You can always change it in the future if you need to. The point is to take action.

Lesson 4: Write About Your Art

Rather Listen?

Click the arrow below to play or download here.

The PDF transcript will be available at the end of Lesson 6.


Today’s assignment is to take a stab at a writing practice – on paper, on your computer, or on a blog.

Got it? Practice, not perfection.

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