Ecstatic Encounters: Lesson 1


I’m really happy you’re here.

Welcome to video #1 in my series to help you create more
ecstatic encounters for your art.

In this series, I will walk you through my top ideas for building your art business.

At the end of each video, I’ll give you a short assignment
so you can take action and start seeing results immediately.

Lesson 1: Devote Yourself to a Studio Practice

Rather Listen?

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Prefer to Read?

Hang tight! At the end of Lesson 6, I’ll give you a document
with a transcript of what I’ve shared in each video.


Your first assignment for this series is to hang your studio hours on your door
to remind you that your time there is sacred.

Cool to Know

This series and the term “Ecstatic Encounter” was originally inspired
by a 2002 NPR interview with Frank Stella, who said that an encounter
with Barnett Newman’s paintings made him “ecstatic to be an artist.”

Thank You

I know it sounds trite, but I truly am very happy you’re here.

I love to help artists live up to their potential while earning what they deserve.

I’m grateful that you can help me fulfill my mission to impact more artists’
lives for the better.

I’ll send you Lesson 2 tomorrow.


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