Collector Relationship Essentials


Are relationships and opportunities slipping through the cracks?

✓ You have a hard time promoting yourself
✓ You are nervous about approaching art world influencers. 
✓ Your contact list hasn’t grown in months or Gasp! years. 
✓ You are tired of being told you have to use trickery and technology hacks. 
✓ You haven’t been paying enough attention to the people who love your art. 
✓ You aren’t following up with promising leads for your art. 


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I’m Alyson Stanfield. I understand that you don’t want to feel pushy or put yourself in a situation that would result in rejection. Your art is so personal to you.

The principles and strategies I teach in Collector Relationship Essentials are the same I used to build Art Biz Success, starting in 2002. 

I’ve helped thousands of artists adopt authentic marketing practices for sharing their art with the right people. My advice is clear: Use your mailing list more effectively and make a plan to increase its size. The more people you know, the more people there are to help sell your art.



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Expand Your Network

Organize, update, and grow
your contact list.

  Create a Schedule

Make a plan to use all 
available tools for staying
in touch with your network.

  Follow Up

Identify and patch the
gaps in your 
follow-up procedures.

Eric Griffith

Alyson, I owe you so much.

Since taking your course I am so busy and traveling back and forth between Florida and California. My commercial work is through the roof. My fine art business is improving also as my images are much more interesting.


– Eric Griffith



Why Work With Art Biz Success?

At Art Biz Success (formerly Art Biz Coach), we know that you want to build your confidence as an artist. In order to do that, you need to gain recognition and sell more art. The problem is, you don’t know where to begin. There are so many options that it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

We believe you have a list of people waiting to hear from me and many others who need your art. But if you’re like most artists, you don’t know what to do to take advantage of that network. That’s why we created Collector Relationship Essentials.

In this online class, Alyson Stanfield, founder of Art Biz Success, teaches the people skills she has developed throughout her career as an artist business coach,  museum professional, and, yep, even an assistant to a U.S. senator. These strategies have helped thousands of her students and clients nurture authentic, meaningful relationships since 2002.


Rebecca Finch Results

Learn, Take Action, and Receive Support Inside Our Private Community of Artists

Connect with your fellow students in a private Facebook group. Share insights, questions, ask for feedback, and give feedback. Make new friends with other ambitious artists who are implementing the same success system.


What Is It Costing You to Ignore Your Top Prospects?

You are leaving sales on the table when you fail to pay attention to the people who buy art, the people who have asked to hear from you, and the people who are your biggest fans.

Without a system for nurturing relationships, you resign yourself to fewer opportunities.

Alyson personally coaches you through these 6 modules in recorded on-demand videos that show you exactly how to nurture the relationships you have while expanding your network and impact beyond the people you already know. You’ll complete assignments and simple but powerful worksheets that will be used (and reused) as building blocks to help you succeed.


What You’ll Learn in Collector Relationship Essentials

Get to Know (& Organize) Your List

Expanding your collector base is much easier when you 1) identify the people who are already part of it and 2) develop a reliable system for organizing their information. In this module, you will:

  • Review necessary systems and technology.
  • Segment your list to make it more valuable.

*We suggest you have an email platform in place, such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, or Vertical Response. (There are many others and you can sign up for free versions in 5 minutes and start poking around.)

Create Your Customer Experience

How do you treat people once they sign up for your mailing list? What happens after they purchase from you?

In this module you will:

  • Define the steps used to engage collectors and students after they sign up for your list or purchase from you.
  • Set up autoresponders to automate some of your email tasks.

Expand Your Network

Your network of relationships is your most valuable asset, so imagine the horsepower behind it when it’s consistently growing.
  • Attract more people to your list on a daily basis.
  • Consider campaigns for building your list. (This strategy is especially effective for teachers and other service providers.)
  • Collect physical addresses from people on your list for personal follow-up.
  • Design a plan for expanding your mailing list this year.

Nurture Relationships

Once people get on your list, they expect to hear from you. Nurture your fans in a variety of ways.
  • Establish an email rhythm for regular contact and special one-time, important events.
  • Add regular mail to the mix in order to stand out from the crowd.
  • Cultivate the VIPs on your list.
  • Commit to a schedule for nurturing your list on a regular basis.

Navigate Relationships

This is where too many artists falter. Your relationships with gallerists, curators, collectors, and other artists can buoy your career or they can sink you. Successful artists understand how to steer through each situation.

  • Communicate with precision (and get it in writing) in order to save  your relationships.
  • Negotiate and learn to say No.
  • Implement written agreements and contracts.

Follow Up for Results

You are leaving opportunities and money on the table if you aren’t following up with prospects. All of the action you take won’t do any good until you follow up with people and follow through with your commitments.

  • Identify holes in your follow-up.
  • Create a system to follow up with leads, opportunities, students, and sales.
  • Discover 3 plans for following up with various people in your professional life.

Offered on demand in 2019. Fill out your name and email if you’d
like to be among the first to know when registration opens. 

Class Features
6  Career-Changing Modules (video, audio, transcript)
38 Short Training Videos (approximately 3.5 hours total)
8 Reusable System Worksheets
5 Live Coaching Sessions
Download Everything for Lifetime Access
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Art Biz Coach Satisfaction GuaranteeMY PERSONAL GUARANTEE

I guarantee that we will cover everything I have described here and, further, promise that if you do the work and apply the lessons, you will attract more opportunities for your art business.

If not, I will refund 100% of your money.


Email us with any questions. We’re happy to hear from you!

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