Creative Content Camp Independent Study

Artists: Ever feel like you don’t have anything to say on social media?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from artists with this same dilemma. You want to promote your art effectively, but:
You're overwhelmed by all of the places you’re expected to be online
You're confused about which social media channel would work best for you
You can't imagine why anyone would read what you write
You're afraid of becoming a nuisance to people who are following you
You find it difficult to set boundaries around your time – promoting on email and social media can be a time-suck

I can help!

Alyson Stanfield photo by Regina Mountjoy I built Art Biz Success by creating content on a blog (2004), social media (since 2007), and a weekly newsletter for more than 16 years.

believe that sharing valuable content is still a viable  (and authentic) way to grow a business. Especially for artists like you who have a visual “product.”

Creative Content Camp is for artists who think they don't have anything to say. You'll be shocked at how much is inside of you just waiting to come out.

—Alyson Stanfield

The Creative Content Camp independent study will help you
expand your reputation, gain confidence,
and have fun with your marketing.

In this program I will teach you create compelling and consistent content with the tools you already have in place—from social media to newsletters and blogs.

The focus is on YOU creating new content (ideas!) and having the time, space, and support to do that.

I will give you guidance, but will not offer how-to tech instructions for using a platform. You need to know how to use each platform that you choose (be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) before you begin the class.


In the Creative Content Camp independent study, you will …
Have dedicated time to do the work.
 Breathe a sigh of relief because, after completing the lessons, you will have at least 100 fully-formed ideas for your blog, newsletter, and social media updates.
Be confident that you add value to your collectors, supporters, and followers.
Increase your visibility and remain top-of-mind to your followers.


We suggest having 3 items in place before registering:

a blog OR website (and email list)

1 of the following accounts: Facebook OR Twitter OR Instagram OR Pinterest OR YouTube

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Just $247 for this independent study for a limited time

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I’ve been sharing of my artwork, art life, and art environment much more, which has resulted in more followers, likes, shares, comments, and even more in-person comments. I've begun writing more and I sent out a newsletter (long overdue) with more confidence that I do have something to share and that people are really interested.

I've begun using an editorial calendar, mind map, Evernote, and a lot more hashtags. There are a few more frontiers for me to explore but I have so much more energy and confidence that I am on the right track.

Dorothy Woolbright

Here are your lessons in the
Creative Content Camp independent study … 

1. Map Your Content

Let's get this show on the road by thinking big:

  • 13 Types of content you can create
  • How to use a mind map to generate content ideas
  • Where to find content
  • How to store your brilliant ideas

I will also walk you through processes for creating a mission for your platforms and a list of categories to help you focus your content.

2. Make It Visual

Lucky you! You have your art to show off in the very visual world of the Internet. But I'm going to push you even further in this lesson. We'll look at all visual possibilities of your art and how you might share it in images and even video.

  • The 1 thing you must include whenever you post your art
  • Resources for watermarking – if that's your thang
  • 4 Categories of photos you can share online

Video anyone? This is where you'll consider it as an option.

3. Tell Stories from Your Studio

Your life may seem vanilla to you, but the rest of the world is fascinated by what you do. Imagine living the artist's life! Fan the flames by giving people behind-the-scenes glimpses into your world.You'll be challenged to:

  • Complete a brag questionnaire (yes, I said BRAG!)
  • Develop 10 ideas for stories about your art

4. Connect Strategically

You may think you have too many friends and followers to keep up with online, but are they the right connections? Connections that will lead to opportunities? You're going to buckle down and start being deliberate with your online connecting.

  • Identify your best prospects for connecting
  • Learn how to use lists on Facebook to follow the right people
  • Make 15 active connections in 1 week

5. Create Your Editorial Calendar

You didn't think I'd let you leave without a plan! In this module, you will:

  • Create a schedule for 6 months of content publishing
  • Develop a system for storing and using your content
  • Refine your goals for online marketing (from Orientation)

6. Boost Your Results

We'll wrap up the fun with the following:

  • Learn bite-sized ideas and resources to help you complete your content creation calendar.
  • Leverage your content across platforms to save time.
  • How to measure your success.


Here's how the lessons are delivered in the
Creative Content Camp independent study…

Please note that we are updating all of our classes in 2019.
They will be the same information in a new format.

For this reason, we can offer these 2018 recordings at a discount for a limited time.

6 In-Depth, On-Demand Webinars
I personally coach you on each module in a pre-recorded webinar that is available to you at a time that works with your schedule. I teach you what I have learned in my fifteen years of helping artists build their careers. You'll complete assignments and simple worksheets that will be used as building blocks to help you succeed.
Written Transcripts of All Lessons
We learn differently when we read than when we listen. I want to make sure you know this stuff inside and out, so I'm providing the lessons in written form as well as audio and video.
Activity Book
You'll have activities and challenges for each module, which include System Worksheets. To make the most out of what you're learning, you'll be creating content as you go along, not just gathering information.


Artist Laura GabelSince taking Creative Content Camp, we have been blogging regularly and sending a newsletter every month. Our numbers continue to grow.

And by being intentional about posting on Facebook regularly – and including it in my editorial calendar – we've seen a HUGE increase in Facebook reach and first time visits to our website. With the editorial calendar in place, I'm not so frantic and just running from one thing to the next. We have a plan in place to promote our art and we're excited for the future

—Michelle Keller on behalf of artist Laura Gabel

I selected 3 of my juiciest audio programs – usually available only to the Art Biz Inner Circle – to support what you'll learn in Creative Content Camp.

Bonus #1!

How to Promote Your Art Through Video
A timeless interview with R. Daniel Foster.

Bonus #2!

How to Use Pinterest to Expand Your Art Business
Some useful tidbits in this interview with Beth Hayden.

Bonus #3!

Stress-Free Blogging
Cynthia Morris, a coach with Art Biz Success, shares a secret for cranking out content.

Get Started on Creative Content Camp

Just $247 for this independent study for a limited time

(or 2 payments of $139)


I guarantee that everything you receive is as described here and, further, promise that if you do the work and apply the lessons, you will attract more opportunities for your art business. If not, I will refund 100% of your money.

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