Ever feel like you don’t have anything to say on social media?
 Creative Content Camp | Art Biz Coach

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from artists with this same dilemma. You want to promote your art effectively, but:
ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark You’re overwhelmed by all of the places you’re expected to be online
ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark You’re confused about which social media channel would work best for you
ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark You can’t imagine why anyone would read what you write
ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark You’re afraid of becoming a nuisance to people who are following you
ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark You find it difficult to set boundaries around your time – promoting on email and social media can be a time-suck

I can help!

Creative Content Camp is a program to help you get
serious with your online marketing while having fun with the process.

In this program I will teach you create compelling and consistent content with the tools you already have in place – from social media to newsletters and blogs.

The focus is on YOU creating new content (ideas!) and having the time, space, and support to do that.

I will give you guidance, but will not offer how-to instructions for using a platform. You need to know how to use each platform that you choose (be it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) before class begins.

In Content Camp, you will:
ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark Have dedicated time to do the work. 
ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark Breathe a sigh of relief because, by the end of class, you will have at least 100 fully-formed ideas for your blog, newsletter, and social media updates.
ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark Be confident that you add value to your collectors, supporters, and followers.
ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark Feel less alone as you connect with other artists who have the same struggles with content.
ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark Increase your visibility and remain top-of-mind to your followers.

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