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Art Biz Breakthrough 2015 | Art Biz Coach

April 13 – 14 :: Big Table Art Retreat in Santa Fe, NM. Click here to learn more about our Big Table Art Retreats

May 12, 2017 :: Big Table Art Talk in Colorado Springs. Free! Click here to learn more about attending on of my Big Table Art Talks or organize your own

May 21, 2017 :: Big Table Art Talk with Colorado Mosaic Artists Free!

June 8 – 9 :: Big Table Art Retreat in Reston, VA.

September 7 – 8 :: Big Table Art Retreat in Portland, OR.

November 8-10 :: Art Biz Breakthrough 2017 in Golden, Colorado.
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(all are business workshops for artists unless otherwise noted)


November 3-5: Golden, CO, Art Biz Breakthrough produced by Art Biz Coach
August 27: Denver, CO, Big Table Art Talk at Art Gym
August 12: Loveland, CO, Loveland Sculpture Show
July 21: Healdsburg, CA, Big Table Art Talk at T Barny studio
January 17: Flagstaff, AZ, The ArtBox Institute, Flagstaff Arts Council


November 4-6: Golden, CO, Art Biz Breakthrough produced by Art Biz Coach
August 15: Charleston, SC, Big Table Art Talk at Redux Contemporary Art Center


November 4-6: Golden, CO, Art Biz Makeover produced by Art Biz Coach
August 28: Portland, OR, ZAPP Arts Festival Conference
April 25-26: Burlington, VT, South End Arts & Business Association


October 11-12: Golden, CO, Art Biz Makeover produced by Art Biz Coach
April 27: Loveland, CO, Artists’ Collective
March 23-24: Nashville, TN, Tennessee Association of Craft Artists


October 19-20: Naperville, IL, Naperville Art League
September 21-22: Midland, TX, Museum of the Southwest
June 23: Laramie, WY, Works of Wyoming
May 20: Loveland, CO, National Sculpture Society
April 28-29: Lewes, DE, Rehoboth Art League


May 20-21: Durham, NC, Professional Art Quilters Alliance – South
October 1-2: Long Island, NY – Women Sharing Art
October 15-16: Golden, CO (social media immersion)
October 26-27: Tulsa, OK, Oklahoma Arts Council & Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition
November 5: Philadelphia, PA (social media immersion)


March 9-10: Racine, WI, Professional Art Quilters Alliance
May 11-12: Lancaster, PA, Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen
May 14-15: Rehoboth Beach, DE, Rehoboth Art League
October 16-17: Fernandina Beach, FL, Amelia Island Artists Workshop


February 7-8: Hollister, CA, San Benito County Arts Council
March 20: Keynote Address, Milwaukee, WI, Wisconsin Designer Crafts Council
March 28: Keynote Address, Hood River, OR, Columbia Center for the Arts, Artist 2 Artist Conference
April 4: Swope Art Museum, Terre Haute, IN Art-marketing guru to teach artists how to promote work (newspaper article)
May 2-3: “How to Use Email, Websites, and Blogs EFFECTIVELY to Promote Your Art”, Estes Park, CO
May 22: Keynote address, Athens, OH, Studio Art Quilt Associates conference
November 14: San Francisco, CA, San Franciso Artists Guild


January 26: Lake Forest, IL, Deer Path Art League
March 15-16: Ann Arbor, MI, Ann Arbor Women Artists
May 3: Missoula, MT, Oil Painters of America
June 7: Mobile, AL, Women’s Business Center
September 20: Amarillo, TX, Amarillo Art Institute
October 2: Asheville, NC, Digital Painting Forum


January 17: Anderson, SC
March 24: Ringling School of Art & Design, Sarasota, FL
March 25: Art Center Manatee, Bradenton, FL
April 14: Jackson, MI

May 5: Evergreen Arts Center, Evergreen, CO
October 6: Omaha, NE
October 27: Spencer, IA November 11: Ocala, FL


April 6: Mobile, AL
April 29: Jackson, MI
October 21: Winthrop, WA
November 4: Wilmington, DE
November 11: Salida, CO