Join Me At A Big Table Art Talk

Big Table Art Talks with Alyson Stanfield

Evergreen Artists Association :: Thursday, August 24 @ 6pm 

Read on to find out how to host one in your community.

T Barny at the head of the table

T Barny surrounded by friends and his sculpture.


Dear Artist,

I have a dream.

I want a home with an extra space for artists like you who might drift in and out. Maybe you’re here in Colorado on vacation or maybe you come to work or maybe you just come to hang out with me.Alyson Stanfield in Golden, Colorado

It’s kind of an Artist B&B/Residency combo. Hey, it’s a dream. I’m kinda fuzzy about it right now.

You come to my home and make art during the day. Then, I invite some artist friends I think would be fun for you to hang out with for the evenings. That’s when we sit around a big table and talk about art and big ideas over a beautiful meal.

Right now, I don’t have the extra space for an official B&B, so I’m launching Big Table Art Talks that come to your community. Scroll to the top to see those that are coming up or ask about hosting one.


What We Do at the Big Table

First, we imagine that there is a big table. You gotta play along because it’s hard to get the big table on a plane or even into my Mini.

I’ll tell you about my business and why I do this.

And then I lead the conversation. We talk about your life as an artist. About art. About business. About your art business.

Share your experiences and voice your opinions. Listen.

The truth is, anything might come up. I’m open to that.Alyson Stanfield at Art Biz Makeover 2014

How to Prepare for the Big Table

Read my blog or my quirky bio if you want to get to know me.

Eat. Since we are feeding your mind, come with a full belly so your brain can work at its best. We’ll have something very light to snack on.

Come with an open mind.

Please come! And bring any questions you might have.

Fair warning: I might give you a hug (I’m a hugger). Just give me the universal No Hugs sign if you aren’t interested.

If you have no idea who I am or why you even landed on this page, I hope you’ll visit my Art Biz Coach site to read about my book, I’d Rather Be in the Studio (now in its third edition), read about me, and don’t miss my manifesto.

One thing you should know that you won’t read on those pages is that I’m an excellent hostess to everyone who sits at my Big Table.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Alyson Stanfield signature


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