Big Table Art Retreats

Big Table Art Retreats are for you if you’re ready for personal,
focused attention on you and your goals.

In 2017 we met in Santa Fe, NM, Reston, VA, and Portland, OR.

Please join us in 2018!
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What are Big Table Art Retreats?

At these 2-day Art Biz Coach events, we shine the spotlight on your business in a masterminding, small-group format. You receive homework to help you prepare and make the most out of our time together.

This is an opportunity to get personal feedback from Alyson at an affordable rate and in a fun place to visit!

The maximum number of attendees is capped at 30 because we want these to be intimate gatherings where you get plenty of personal attention.

(If you want to know why it’s called “Big Table,” scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

Who will be there?

Big Table Art Retreats are a benefit of membership for my Art Biz Inner Circle members, and we open up available slots to other high-performance clients outside of the Inner Circle. That’s where you come in.

Inner Circle members have a mini-mastermind with dinner at Art Biz Breakthrough 2016.

What is masterminding? What can I expect?

You will have a little homework so that you come prepared to hit the ground running.

Look at your goals and projects for the next 3-12 months and decide where you can use the most help. You don’t need to know that last part in advance. Alyson will walk you through a multi-step process to help you narrow it down.

You’ll be divided into a small group – your mastermind group – to get help from others.

We’d love to give you an exact schedule, but what fun would that be? Alyson will teach along the way as topics present themselves. She likes to allow plenty of time to respond to these questions that come up over the course of the two days.

Our 2018 dates and locations are still to be determined. Sign up below if you’d like to be notified once we have more details.

Wanna know why it’s called “Big Table”?
Keep reading.
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About the Big Table

Alyson LaughingAlyson explains it like this …

I have a dream.

It’s a home with an extra space for artists like you who might drift in and out. Maybe you’re here in Colorado on vacation or maybe you come to work or maybe you just come to hang out with me.

It’s kind of an Artist B&B/Residency combo. Hey, it’s a dream. I’m kinda fuzzy about it right now.

You come to my home and make art during the day. Then, I invite some artist friends I think would be fun for you to hang out with for the evenings. That’s when we sit around a big table and talk about art and big ideas over a beautiful meal.

Right now, I don’t have the extra space for an official B&B, so I’m trying out tables in other locations.

Art Biz Coach | Alyson Stanfield