Art Biz Mastermind Workshops are for you if you’re ready for personal,
focused attention on you and your goals.


Please join us in 2018!
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Why you?

You know that I have high expectations of you. I know you are ready for better things.

I suspect you have an urge to shake things up in a big way – to leap to a new level.

You also know that it’s tough to take big leaps by yourself. You believe in investing in yourself and know that you will grow exponentially with the right support.

Thank you for hosting and approving my application to join you and your Inner Circle at the workshop in Portland. What a powerful group of artists for those two days!
I realized how important it is as artists/entrepreneurs to connect and build a network of supportive people around us. I appreciate that you surround yourself with artists that are serious about their work and their businesses. It speaks volumes about your coaching program.
I will definitely participate again in one of your workshops.
– Jenny Wilson, Golden, CO
Jenny Wilson - artist

What the heck is a Mastermind Workshop?

At these 2-day Art Biz Coach events, we shine the spotlight on your business in a masterminding, small-group format.

It’s different from a class because you bring the agenda and I teach around what you need. What a deal, right?

Don’t worry if you don’t know what your priorities are. You will receive homework to help you prepare and make the most out of our time together.

This is an opportunity to get personal feedback from me (Alyson) at an affordable rate and in a fun place to visit! Keep reading – we selected a few terrific locations for you.

Who will be there besides you?

Me! I’ll be there! And …

These workshops are a benefit of membership for my Inner Circle members, so they’ll be there. But I also open up available slots to other ambitious artists like you.

Let me be clear that this is for serious artists. I’m looking for commitment.

The total number of attendees is capped at 30 per session because I want these to be intimate gatherings where you get plenty of personal attention.

Group Hug

We always hate saying goodbye.

Each workshop is a little different – with its own personality.

We’d love to give you an exact schedule of what happens at the event, but what fun would that be? It’s highly interactive, personalized and, therefore, responsive to the needs in the room.

Trudy Rice - artist

I traveled from Australia to the Portland workshop, and it was well worth the time and expense.

Meeting other like minded artists in person, in an intense, concentrated way, put the experience of being in the Art Biz Inner Circle on steroids.

The way you guided us through the exercises helped me narrow down the next steps of my journey.
— Trudy Rice, Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Mastermind Workshops are $497 and include:

  • Preparation guidance so we can hit the ground running
  • All-day coffee and tea service because, you know, CAFFEINE
  • Lunches so you can feed your brain and keep the connections going
  • Personalized strategies to begin implementing immediately for fast results

You might also be treated to surprise guests and gifts. You never know what we’ll do next to make your retreat the best ever.

When else will you have 2 full days to get this much attention for such a low investment?

Next up is …

Lancaster, PA
June 7 – 8 | Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square

June 7
9:00 am to 5:30 pm
Lunch included.

June 8
9am to 5:30 pm
Lunch included.

Registration is by application only on a first come, first served basis.
Click here to fill out our short application! 

Golden, CO
October 8-9 | Table Mountain Inn

Interested in joining us in Golden?

Leave us your name and email and we will let you know once we open registration! 

Great! We will let you know once we open registration for the Big Table Art Retreat in Golden, CO. 

Asheville, NC
November 5 – 6 | AC Hotel Asheville Downtown

Interested in joining us in Asheville?

Leave us your name and email and we will let you know once we open registration! 

Great! We will let you know once we open registration for the Big Table Art Retreat in Asheville, NC. 

Wanna know about my dream?
Keep reading.
↓   ↓   ↓

About the Mastermind Workshops

Alyson LaughingAlyson explains it like this …

I have a dream.

It’s a home with an extra space for artists like you who might drift in and out. Maybe you’re here in Colorado on vacation or maybe you come to work or maybe you just come to hang out with me.

It’s kind of an Artist B&B/Residency combo. Hey, it’s a dream. I’m kinda fuzzy about it right now.

You come to my home and make art during the day. Then, I invite some artist friends I think would be fun for you to hang out with for the evenings. That’s when we sit around a big table and talk about art and big ideas over a beautiful meal.

Right now, I don’t have the extra space for an official B&B, so I’m trying out Mastermind Workshops in other locations. Join me!

Art Biz Coach | Alyson Stanfield