Art Biz Coach 1-on-1 Consulting:
What Do You Need for Your Art Business Right Now?

You now have access to a step-by-step plan that moves
your art business forward…on your terms.



ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark Relieved that you’re finally getting somewhere on your journey from artist to artist-entrepreneur.
ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark Rejuvenated by new and fresh ideas, so that your art flourishes as your business thrives.
ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark Inspired by the support you receive from your business review and action steps that propel you forward.
ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark Motivated by your 1-on-1 time with a coach who has been where you are now.
ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark Focused on your new direction, so that you achieve success in your art career and feel a sense of harmony in your life.
ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark Confident in your ability to self-promote and accelerate your success with the tools to accomplish all your goals in the art business.



Laurie Justus Pace benefits from working with Art Biz Coach

“The constant tug of multiple art businesses was taking its toll on my creativity. While I have always been a solid multi-tasking artist/mother/wife and daughter, I did not realize how much wasted energy was escaping from over commitment. Alyson held the mirror up for me to see my scattered life. Her words were empowering. Implementing her suggestions made a tremendous impact on my marketing while freeing up my time to be painting in my studio. I am confident in the direction I have grown and thankful for our time working together in the consultation. I have a deeper appreciation of myself, the value of my time and balance in my life.

My newsletter subscriptions are already up 35% and blog comments have noticeably increased.”



1-on-1 Art Biz Review from Art Biz Coach

You might use your 1-on-1 Art Business Review to discuss
any of the following:

ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark Improving your newsletter or email messages.
ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark Planning for an important exhibition or event.
ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark Revising brochures, postcards, business cards, or other printed matter.
ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark Reconsidering the systems (or lack thereof) for running your business.
ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark Updating your website or blog.
ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark Perfecting your marketing or business plan.

It’s important to identify which areas you want to concentrate on to get the most out of the review.

Our focus will be on the marketing aspect of your career, but if you need detailed editing suggestions or help with your writing, Art Biz Coach associate coach Debby Williams can help you.


ABR_11-1 Complete the form at the bottom of this page.
ABR_11-2 If, based on what I hear from you, I know I can help, you will receive an email from one of my team members. It will have instructions for payment and scheduling. This Biz Review session is just $497. You can also do 2 payments of $266, 30 days apart, but payment must be completed prior to consultation.
ABR_11-3 I give you a little homework and we both show up – on the phone or (preferably) Skype – well prepared. You can send, in advance, anything you’d like for me to see.
ABR_11-4 We get down to business immediately – going over a custom plan to help you expand your art business. This is rapid fire! I don’t want to waste a moment of your time, so I give you as many resources and ideas as I can possibly share in our time together. I also note resources (links, articles, connections) I can send you after we meet.
ABR_11-5 We wrap things up when your head is full of priorities and your heart with inspiration. I make sure you get what you need to move forward.
ABR_11-6 You have access to a short follow-up “emergency” call, which you might want to use to check in after a few weeks of working on your plan.




Liz Lautrup gained clarity from her Art Biz Review at Art Biz Coach

“Thank you so much for our meeting yesterday—for taking the time to steer me along my path as an Artist. I am grateful for your gifts and grateful that you shared them with me.

You helped me more than you know.

I now have definite goals to be focusing on instead of being scattered, wondering if I should be doing more.”


Art Biz Coach Satisfaction Guarantee
Here is my promise to you.
If you come into your Art Biz Review with an open mind, and accept responsibility for implementing the plan we discuss, you WILL see vast improvements and dramatic shifts in your success. If you do the action items we agree on but don’t see the results over time, I will refund your money. It’s that simple.
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