Art Career Success System


What level of artists is this program for? 

All levels! If you’re just starting out, it helps you get the basics down. If you’re more advanced, it will help you regain focus on what is most important for a successful art career.


Approximately how long is each lesson? I understand my participation time will be up to me, so what I wonder is how long your presentations are, on the average?

Lessons average 30-40 minutes and are presented in audio, video, and written format. I set aside 90 minutes for all Q&A calls, which are recorded for you.

How long you need on each lesson will depend on how much of that lesson you are already implementing.

In my previous classes, I have said that you can’t do it all. This program is different. I have spaced the lessons so that you can and should do them all while we’re together.

Is there an actual time that I need to ‘log-on’?

There is no time to log in for the lessons. They are released on the days noted and available to you at your convenience.

All live Q&A calls are outlined on page 2 of this schedule.

Artists from all over the world sign up for my programs, so I like to schedule times that are accessible for a variety of time zones. However, I know that not everyone will be able to attend the live presentations. They will be recorded available for playback within 24 hours (hopefully much sooner!) after each call.

Questions can be submitted in advance if you can’t make the live call.

You interact with other program members on our Facebook group at your convenience.

I will be traveling and away from computers. Will I be able to access all the information with ease once I return?


Be sure to block out time on your calendar for catching up when you return.

I am especially interested to learn more about social media. Will this type of information be part of the Art Career Success System?

I’m sure you noticed that social media is not one of the module topics. This is a foundation class and too many artists jump to social networking without having a foundation in place.

Any social networking lessons (info interspersed here and there) will support what you learn in the 12 modules. This is exactly how social media should be used – as a supportive role.

As part of this course will you be able to give me personal feedback on my site and email(s)?

I’m sure you understand that I can’t offer detailed personal feedback to everyone whenever it’s requested. However, I want to give as much of me as I can, and I mean that. Interaction with me will be on the live Q&A calls (at least 12 hours) and in the Facebook group.

If you would like to investigate more individual help, please email me.

After the five months are up, will I still have access to all the info you have given to us?

Yes! You will have access to everything as long as the information is up-to-date and relevant. You’ll be given plenty of notice if anything is ever removed from your lessons.