Art Biz Accelerator Independent Study

Artists: Is business too slow for your liking?

It's time to step on the gas!

Not in a crazy, out-of-control way, but by strategically reviewing your opportunities,
prioritizing your options, and taking action one day at a time.


Elaine Kehew ArtistI committed to a solo show in the fall and rented a booth at a local art fair; both were profitable. I also received a query from a prestigious local gallery and sat with the gallerist for an hour discussing my work.

The Art Biz Accelerator set me on the right track for the year, helped me plan and create goals, and measure my success. You are an inspiration and a terrific motivator!

Elaine Kehew

Do you get quickly discouraged if you try something new and it doesn't produce instant results?

Are you easily distracted by all of the ideas you find online or hear about from other artists?

Are you losing focus of your priorities and jumping to new “tricks” before you consider how they fit with your goals?

Do you find it difficult to set goals and stick with them?


In the Art Biz Accelerator independent study,
you will …

Devote time to working ON your business rather than being busy IN your business
  Set challenging goals for the next 12 months.
  Gain control of your to-dos once and for all.
  Discover how to approach venues that can support the goals you have for your art.
Make a plan to ensure that you are profitable.
Alyson Stanfield photo by Regina Mountjoy I've spent more than a decade studying how to be more organized, productive, and profitable and will show you, in the Art Biz Accelerator, what I have learned that allows me to run a focused, successful business.

Everything is adapted for the unique needs of an artist's career. – Alyson Stanfield

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As a result of implementing what you learn in the Art Biz Accelerator . . .

I want you to be energized by the new systems you create.

I want you to adopt new, positive habits and heart-sets that can help skyrocket your art business.

I want you to stay focused by trusting your new system.


Lisa Hebden ArtistI've been thinking I'll have to sell my house in order to focus on the body of work that feeds me artistically. But during our last Art Biz Accelerator lesson, I did some digging and discovered that in 2014, 2015, and 2016, this work accounted for 42%, 28% and 23% of my income. Not exactly nothing. And I also figured out that for the number of pieces actually shown to the public, I sold 20%, 33% and 50% of those pieces.

I've concluded that if I find more venues for these pieces, I will likely sell more. Amazing! Glad you had us do this work.

Lisa Hebden

Here are your lessons in the
Art Biz Accelerator independent study … 

1. Assume Control

You are in charge of your destiny and it's time to step into that role – full throttle. We will kick off our time together by:

  • Defining what success means to you.
  • Articulating your goals for the next 12 months.
  • Creating affirmations, mantras, and a gratitude practice that will sustain growth.

2. Organize Your To-Dos

The primary reason we are overwhelmed is because we don't have a grip on our projects and tasks. Without an organized system for managing your to-dos, you will continue wondering what you should focus on. You must make sure you have a safe place to capture the important stuff.

  • Create a trusted system for your projects and tasks.
  • Outline the current projects that demand your attention.
  • Identify the tasks necessary to make your projects a success.

3. Ensure Profitability

Your art career won't last long if you're showing a business loss year after year, yet many artists are either afraid of confronting their financial numbers or don't know what to look for. Step up and be the CEO and CFO of your art business.

  • Make sense of the numbers for your current income and your ideal income.
  • Use the step-by-step Income Accelerator to develop a money plan.
  • Schedule your Income Acceleration Power Hours.

4. Seek Venues

A huge part of accelerating your business will be finding new and better venues for showing and selling your art. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination: juried shows, outdoor festivals, restaurants, galleries, museums, and probably a few places I can't even think of. The same is true for finding venues for teaching: your studio, your friend's studio, a rented space, art centers, and more. But you need a starting point.

  • Set the criteria you are looking for in a prospective venue.
  • Research venues that are a good fit for your art and ambitions.
  • Commit to one solo show in the next 12 months.

5. Approach Galleries & Other Venues

In module 4, you researched and prioritized venues. Now it's time to look at the practical side of approaching those venues.

  • Discover the 5 guidelines for approaching venues.
  • Implement my 6-point strategy for attracting galleries.
  • Develop effective email templates for venue inquiries.
  • Create solid proposals for exhibition and teaching venues.

6. Stay Focused

By this point you have researched and begun to implement your system, but it's hard to remain organized and focused over time. I'll share my best tips for staying sane in our final lesson.

  • Schedule periodic biz reviews to ensure that you're on track.
  • Identify strong boundaries around your art and career.


Dora Ficher ArtistWhile working on the Art Biz Accelerator lesson, I learned many things that are going to help me plan for more income in the future.

By analyzing my income sources over the years, I can see how easy it will be to increase my calendar sales by 400% and more than double the sales of my licensed products.

Alyson, I know you’ve been telling me that I need to pay attention to the numbers for awhile, but now I get it.

Dora Ficher

Here's how the lessons are delivered in the
Art Biz Accelerator independent study…

Please note that we are updating all of our classes in 2019.
They will be the same information in a new format.

For this reason, we can offer these 2018 recordings at a discount for a limited time.

6 In-Depth, On-Demand Webinars
I personally coach you on each module in a pre-recorded webinar that is available to you at a time that works with your schedule. I teach you what I have learned in my fifteen years of helping artists build their careers. You'll complete assignments and simple worksheets that will be used as building blocks to help you succeed.
Written Transcripts of All Lessons
We learn differently when we read than when we listen. I want to make sure you know this stuff inside and out, so I'm providing the lessons in written form as well as audio and video.
System Worksheets
The worksheets I've created for each lesson will help you customize the content for your situation. The completed worksheets contribute to your personalized Art Career Success System.

Bonus #1!

The Income Accelerator
An easy-to-use and -reuse spreadsheet (Excel or Numbers) to plan strategically for more income.

Bonus #2!

Proposal Templates
Step-by-step templates to customize your written proposals for teaching workshops and classes and to submit for exhibition opportunities.

Bonus #3!

Email Templates
3 email samples to model for proposing exhibitions to non-art venues.

Get Started on the Art Biz Accelerator

Just $247 for this independent study for a limited time

(or 2 payments of $139)


I guarantee that everything you receive is as described here and, further, promise that if you do the work and apply the lessons, you will attract more opportunities for your art business. If not, I will refund 100% of your money.

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