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A Realist’s Strategy for Increasing Your Income

It’s unnatural for many artists to talk about money - especially when the money seems like barely enough to bother counting. And, yet, you can imagine how important it is to have a cozy relationship with money when you need it in your life.

What I share here is one of my favorite things to teach because I know that if you go through this process earnestly, your art business will be transformed.

The transformation occurs because you commit to a new relationship with money - one that puts you in charge of your destiny.

This is powerful stuff that I hope you’ll take seriously and implement right away. Her One of the best things you can do to improve your chances of success in any area is to create a plan. If you’d like to make more money, that means you need an income-boosting plan. [caption id="attachment_25704" align="alignright" width="400"]©Kristen O’Neill, Butano Creek #2. Oil on canvas, 19 x 12 inches. Used with permission. ©Kristen O’Neill, Butano Creek #2. Oil on canvas, 19 x 12 inches. Used with permission.[/caption] Before you object, I know what you’re going to say because I have heard it many times before: How can I plan for money when I don’t know when my art will sell or who will buy it? You make a plan because you’re the CEO of your art business and that’s what CEOs do. They make business projections. They have to in order to attract buy-in to their products and services. But first things first - in order to boost your income, you have to know what it is currently and where it came from. For the purposes of this exercise, you’re going to focus on your gross sales. Ready to get real?

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