Artists: Are you overwhelmed
by all you have to do to run a business?

Are you drowning in clutter?
Have you lost time to poor habits?
Before & After Organize Your Art Biz Class

Lisa Aksen shows off her new space after Organize Your Art Biz.

It’s time to get yourself in order!

You can’t build a successful, productive art business if you’re constantly
missing deadlines or wondering where you put something.

Begins December 1

In my Organize Your Art Biz program, you will:

ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark Conquer piles
ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark Make proper files so you can find stuff!
ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark Create or clean up e-files – again, so you can find stuff!
ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark Become more productive by effectively managing your projects and tasks
ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark Work toward going (mostly) paperless – saving some trees
ABLO-SP_5-YellowCheckmark Process mail and email so that it doesn’t clog up your systems



Here’s what we’ll cover in Organize Your Art Biz:


#1 Assess the Mess

You don’t need to fix what’s not broken. My quick assessment will tell you where you should focus your energy for the duration of the class.

#2 Love Your Office

It’s no fun to spend time working on your business if your environment is unattractive. You’ll show your workspace a lot of love during the 3 days allotted for this lesson.

#3 Get a Grip on Projects and Tasks

Before you start unpiling and filing, you have to make sure you have a place to capture the important stuff. We’ll focus on the systems you use for staying on top of your To Dos.

#4 Remember Everything with Evernote

I don’t know how I was ever organized without Evernote! I will reveal how I use this amazing piece of software to help me file ideas, data, and more electronically. BONUS: I recently recorded a live webinar to show you my task list and use of Evernote since it’s easier to demonstrate with video. You’ll have access to this.

#5 Conquer Paper and Piles

Everyone has these! It’s time to recycle and file all of this paper that you are stepping over or pushing from place to place.

#6 Practice Mindfulness + Anti-Procrastination Day

At the half-way point in class, I’ll remind you of how you probably got disorganized in the first place and encourage you to create new habits for avoiding future chaos. You’ll get a little longer break here to catch up on previous lessons.

#7 Tame Your Electronic Files

Now that you have Evernote in place, you can begin to work on cleaning out and reorganizing your computer documents, images, and folders.

#8 Empty Your Inbox

Your inbox isn’t a task list. With your new systems, you have places to keep what you think is important in your inbox. And you’ll have a long weekend to catch up on e-filing.

#9 Save Time with Systems

This is one of my favorite lessons! Throughout the class, we focus on creating new systems, but here we’ll start documenting those systems by creating policies, procedures, and forms.

#10 Fix Your Financial Flow

From the moment you get an invoice or a receipt, what steps do you take to make sure you are tracking your money and focusing on profits? And how do you ensure payment from others?

#11 Stay Organized

Everyone can get organized. The trick is staying organized. I’ll share my best tips in our final lesson.

Begins December 1

I’m almost completely shocked! I have a FLOOR!!!!

And, I can walk (or dance) around the room for the first time in years! Still have “The Stacks” to address, and more bins to purge and organize, but this is truly the first time in years since I’ve felt this good about my office.

The weight that is lifting is palpable, inside and out. Incredibly thankful.

Jamie Konarski Davidson

Organize Your Art Biz - After Class

Your investment in this program is just $197.

Special Holiday Fast-Track Session: $157
Start on December 1 and get your last lesson on December 18.

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I first started teaching artists how to get better organized in 2002 and have taught a version of this class every year since that time. Over the years, I have perfected my systems and updated the class information accordingly.

I’ve spent plenty of time studying how to be more organized and productive and will show you – in Organize Your Art Biz – what I have learned that allows me to run a focused, successful business.

Organize Your Art Biz online class

As a result of implementing what you learn in Organize Your Art Biz . . .

I want you to be energized by all of the creative space you’ve made for yourself.

I want you to adopt new, positive habits that can help skyrocket your art business.

I want you to stay organized by trusting your new system.

Here’s What You Get in Organize Your Art Biz

1 Audio Lessons
I personally coach you through each lesson through audio (MP3 download) and written lessons delivered on-demand and waiting for you at a time that works with your schedule. Every lesson is filled with what I have learned in the many years of teaching this class – and updated so that you have the latest information.

2 Written Transcripts of All Lessons
Because we learn differently when we read than when we listen, every lessons will also be provided in transcript form (PDF download).

3 Email Reminders
Stay on top of your lessons with daily email reminders to do the work.

4 Interaction With Other Artists Getting Organized
You receive membership into a private Facebook group with your peers. Content is highly moderated to exclude unnecessary “noise.”

5 Wrap-Up Coaching Call
 have set aside 1 hour to answer any final or pressing questions you have about the work you’ve done in class. If you cannot make the call, you can submit questions in advance and listen to the recording later. Date and time TBA.

Jane LaFazio workspace after Organize Your Art Biz

Jane LaFazio was thrilled with her new workspace after Organize Your Art Biz.


Tips for Success
Log in at a time that is convenient for you. I suggest mornings if you can swing it. The only time we have a scheduled appointment to meet is for the wrap-up coaching call, which is to be announced.
You decide whether to spend 30 minutes or two hours on a lesson. You can’t do it all, so prioritize the content.
Don’t fix what isn’t broken. If you have a system that works for you, focus on another aspect of getting organized.

Have a question not covered here? Just ask!

Begins December 1

Art Biz Coach Satisfaction Guarantee MY PERSONAL GUARANTEE 

I promise that if you do the work and apply the lessons, you will have a better organized art business based on systems you can trust. If not, I will refund 100% of your money.

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I don’t like overwhelming my students, but I couldn’t resist setting aside a Bonus Area of our virtual classroom so that I can share whatever I come across that can help you with your productivity and effectiveness. The bonuses include:

  1. The Road to Peak Productivity, an audio program with my personal productivity consultant about creating and using task lists.
  2. Productive Flourishing, an audio program with Charlie Gilkey about productivity and the solopreneur or very small business owner.


Your investment in this program is just $197.

Special Holiday Fast-Track Session: $157
Start on December 1 and get your last lesson on December 18.

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