Blog Triage self-study for Artists

Improve Your Blog — Self-Study
Maintaining a Healthy Artist's Blog

co-teacher: Cynthia Morris

This self-study has the exact same content as our hands-on class.
The difference is that you work on your own and don't receive feedback.

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Does your blog need a little TLC?

Is it suffering from neglect?
Could your blog use an injection of attention?

fall in love with your blog all over again

If you are the type of artist who is self-motivated and eager to get to work, this self-study class might be for you.

With the help of our lessons, you'll conduct the following operations on your blog:

  • Healthy writing habits and content for great blog posts
  • Blog cleanse: Fixing your About page, categories, sidebar, and more
  • Visiting hours: How to get more blog readers
  • Feedback: How to get more comments and be a better commenter
  • Health maintenance: Create a blogging schedule, conduct regular checkups, balance your priorities

we are artist-centric

Our focus is on artists. We know your world, your interests, and your challenges.

When you're all done, you will:

  • Be clear on what your blog is all about
  • Have more things to write about than you ever dreamed possible
  • Form a stronger connection with your visitors
  • Have confidence to be an expert in your field
  • Be proud that your blog is much better looking
  • Have a plan to maintain your blog's health
  • Be on your way to becoming famous!

In no time, your blog will:

  • Be more credible and linkable
  • Be easier for visitors to find
  • Receive more comments than you could have imagined

This self-study is for artists who have had a blog for at least several months. You must know how to post to your blog, update it, add pictures, link, change settings, and tweak the design.

VERY IMPORTANT: This self-study does not teach you how to start or create a new blog.

Read the Blog Triage lesson contents (PDF file)


You log onto your computer from the comfort of your home, office, or local coffee shop—any time of day that suits you.

You have the option to receive reminders every 7 days for you to work on the lessons. They will last for just 3 months.

Class lessons include PDF downloads and audio files. Some lessons also include video. Be sure to compare your options in the chart at the top of the right column.

You're on your own with this self-study option. You don't connect with others or receive any feedback.

You need a computer, a blog, and a healthy dose of motivation! The more you put into your blog TLC, the more you'll get out of it.


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Check out the Blog Triage detailed table of lessons (PDF file)

ready for a healthier blog?

ADDITIONAL OPTION (available at checkout)

If you want to get the most out of what you learn in this self-study class, pay just $197 more and get a 45-minute phone consultation with Cynthia or me (Alyson). We can devise a plan of attack that works for you. This discounted rate is available only to self-study and class participants. Consultation must take place within 6 months of purchase at a mutually convenient time.


NOTE: This self-study class does not teach you how to start a blog.
You must know how to add posts, change your sidebar, tweak your design, etc.!

Read the detailed table of lessons before you sign up!

Just $47 for this self-study class Enroll Now


Compare Your Options


nothing scheduled

20 Written lessons
20 Audio lessons
Videos (new addition--being added as appropriate)
Pick up lessons at your convenience
Receive automated email reminders to do the work
7 days for 3 months
every day throughout the class
Work at your own pace
Feedback on your About page
Feedback on your images, posts, and design
Interaction with other artists working on the same lessons
Questions answered on the private class blog  

If you are committed to your lessons, we guarantee results with a money-back offer. But you have to do the work.

About Your Blog Docs

Cynthia Morris began blogging in May, 2005 and fell in love immediately. At her Original Impulse blog she shares inspiration and resources to help writers and artists struggle less and create more. For two years Cynthia hosted Journey Juju, where she chronicled her year as a Creative Nomad in Europe. Cynthia combines her passion for blogging with her experience as a writing and creativity coach to help others fall in love with blogging too.

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