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FAQs for the Art Biz Bootcamp

Real Questions that Hit My Inbox - ANSWERED

1. Approximately how long is each lesson? I understand my participation time will be up to me, so what I wonder is how long your presentations are, on the average?

It varies. Most lessons are around 10 pages. The audio should be around 20-30 minutes, but don't hold me to that! I haven't recorded them yet and always reserve the right to add more value.

2. During two of the twelve weeks, I will be traveling and away from computers. Will I be able to access all the information with ease once I return?


3. After the twelve weeks are up, will still have access to all the info you have given to us?

I hope that you download everything so that you have your own copies, but you will have access for at least another month - maybe forever. Haven't decided how that could work yet with our new fancy system.

My plan is to also open it up to rolling enrollment - meaning that you can start at any time you like. I'm not promising this right now, but it will happen if all goes smoothly.

4. I am especially interested to learn more about the social networking aspects of marketing. Will this type of information be part of Bootcamp?

I'm sure you noticed that it is not one of the major modules. This is a foundation class and too many artists jump to social networking without having a foundation in place.

Any social networking lessons (info interspersed here and there) will only be secondary to the major lessons.

5. As part of this course will you be able to give me personal feedback on my site and email(s)?

I'm sorry I won't be able to do that. I'm able to offer this at such an affordable price because the format helps me leverage my time, which is becoming increasingly scarce. The main interaction with me will be on the monthly coaching call.

If you would like to investigate more individual help, I suggest keeping an eye on my Art Biz Incubator.

6. Is the bulk of this course targeted primarily at people who do not have a web or email presence? I'm sure there is a lot I can do with my site and communications, but I don't want to spend a lot of time reviewing the basics of how to build a site from scratch, etc.

I don't ever teach website or blog or any online site "creation." I don't teach email platforms or technology. I do teach how you can use your technology more effectively.

So, no. The Bootcamp isn't targeted at people without a Web or email presence.

It's targeted at artists who do not have this foundation in place. They might "know" some of these pieces, but they haven't implemented them.

7. Before I sign-up I just want to check, given I'm based overseas, is there an actual time that I need to 'log-on' or are materials just released and the FB site acts as a sharing forum?

Artists from all over the world sign up for my programs, so I like to keep them flexible. You will log in to our private member site to get the lessons whenever it is convenient for you. You receive weekly emails with notice that the lessons are posted.

You interact with other program members on our Facebook group.

8. Can I really start any time?

Yes! I will promote Bootcamp once a quarter, so the vast majority of participants will start around the same time. However, you can sign up when it's convenient for your schedule.

Your lessons begin as soon as you sign up. So, if you don't sign up with everyone else, understand that you may not be in sync with their discussions on our Facebook group.

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