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Art Is About Being In The World

[Art] isn’t about being in the studio, it’s about being in the world. - Robert Irwin

I count myself lucky that I ended up at an art talk with Robert Irwin last April.

Irwin didn’t just get off the art school bus. He’s been in the ‘hood for a while now. He’s 86 and was the first artist to receive the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur “Genius” Award in 1984.

He’s well known for his garden designs, though he says he never gardened or even planted a plant before tackling them.

He didn’t know how the gardens were going to happen. He just knew it was something he wanted to do, so he educated himself through a lot of research.

Irwin is also an educator, though he doesn’t believe that you can teach art. Instead, the art educator’s role should be to encourage and to develop a student’s sensitivity. This, he says, is the crux of being an artist.

You Gotta Get Out and Be

That brings us back to the quote at the beginning of this article.

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